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The Best Way to Cut a Mohawk

A Mohawk is one of the most creative and stylish styles for hair. A good Mohawk can be a personal statement of a person’s character. It is usually sported by people with strong personalities. Most adventurous people also like this hairstyle. This also looks trendy for many younger people.1. The first step on how to cut a Mohawk is collecting all the tools you will need. The things you will need are clips for the hair which you will use for separating the hair into sections. You should also have a good comb, a towel, sharp scissors and clippers.2. The second step on how to cut a Mohawk is learning how to place you prior to cutting. You should have the person whose hair will be cut seated in a comfortable chair. You should also be in a place where you the haircutter will be in a comfortable place. This haircut also takes quite a long time to finish. Being comfortable is really important. The seat should be a high chair so the cutter will also have a convenient time. Put the towel over the shoulders of the person whose hair you will cut. This will be the thing that will collect the hairs that will be falling from the head. This will protect the neck of the person from getting irritated from the hairs.3. The third step on how to cut a Mohawk is not cutting as soon as you can. You must first plan your first action. You have to do a little visualization before cutting. You should check which parts of the hair you should not cut at all. You should first decide the hair’s length before snipping. Consult the person as well for his choice for the length. Use the clips to section the hair as well as for holding it. The typical Mohawk is shaved on the sides and the middle section has lots of hair.4. The fourth step on how to cut a Mohawk is cutting the sides first by using a good clipper. The typical length for the Mohawk haircut’s side may vary from three eight inch up to half inch. You should also cut the hair in a slow manner. You should not be rushing because this will only compromise the haircut’s character. You can then cut the hairs that were not cut by the clippers by scissors.5. The fifth step on how to cut Mohawk is taking out the clips from the middle part. Then hold the hairs by combing it. Then cut the length you want. After you cut the middle part then you can use other styling agents like gel to give the hair some definition. Remove the towel from the shoulders and brush off the hairs on the clothes of the person.