Hoodman RAW6-CF32GBRAW 32GB CompactFlash Card 675X

Best Hoodman RAW6-CF32GBRAW 32GB CompactFlash Card 675X

  • 675x Speed, 100 MB Per Second Transfer Speed
  • Solid State Drive Technology (SSD) Guarantees 500,000 Cycles of Use. With Each “Format” A Cycle Is Completed. The Best Any Competition Can Provide Is Approximately 10,000 ~ 20,000 Cycles
  • UDMA 6 (Highest Level Technology) Allows Past, Present & Future Cameras To Perform At Their Optimum Speed
  • Single Level Cell (SLC) Provides Highest Level Of Data Transfer Speed And Card Endurance & Longevity
  • 4-Channel Controller (Provides Greater Speed & Consistency Than Other Cards With 2-Channel Controllers)

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Use In Any Device Accepting 32GB CF Card-Use With Any File Type
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Made In USA
Hoodman RAW CompactFlash memory cards yielded ZERO FAILURES WORLDWIDE for 2 years and counting! Hoodman continues to take advantage of their ability to build state of the art RAW CF cards. Hoodman RAW CF cards now use SSD (solid state drive) flash inside. SSD flash is designed to replace hard drives in computers. SSD flash is the most stable, reliable and expensive flash you can put in a CF memory card. SSD flash lasts through 500,000 cycles of life. One cycle of life equals filling a memory card and then reformatting it. Taking the extra high tech road keeps Hoodman RAW CF memory cards shooting 490,000 times beyond the point where its competitors have failed.

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Hoodman RAW6-CF32GBRAW 32GB CompactFlash Card 675X