Think Tank ~ Change Up

For sale Think Tank ~ Change Up

  • Can be used as a beltpack: The wide, supportive waist belt allows you to wear this belt pack either lower or higher on the front of your body, or even on the side of your hip. The choice is yours: whatever you prefer at that moment you are shooting
  • Use the shoulder strap for support: The chest/shoulder strap provided with the Change Up is a great way to support the weight of the bag, while allowing you to rotate the bag around your body. You can adjust the weight from your shoulder to your hips and move the bag along your waist with ease
  • Can be used as a shoulder bag: After tucking away the waist belt, one shoulder strap can be used so that it appears to be a regular shoulder bag. This is why it is called the “Change Up”: it can appear to be used for one purpose and then changed very easily for another
  • Can be used with a chest harness: This close up shows how when both of the chest straps are attached the bag can be fully supported by both shoulders. Depending on what you are doing, this is another great alternative
  • Modulus components attach to belt: The “rails” on the waist belt allow the Modular components to be attached. In this photo, the Lens Drop In has been attached to allow quick switching of teleconverters. Depending on the size of the Modular component, one or two items can be attached per side rail

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Changes form as a beltpack, shoulder bag, or even supported with a chest harness system.


  • Includes Shoulder strap/ harness Raincover
  • Can be used as a belt pack
  • Shoulder strap provides support
  • Can be used as a shoulder bag
  • Can be used with a chest harness
  • Modulus components attach to belt
  • Stretch front pockets
  • Stretch side pockets
  • Front pocket organizer
  • Removable foam padded insert
  • Rear pocket for accessories
  • Tuck away waist belt
  • Top handle
  • Seam-sealed raincover included

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Think Tank ~ Change Up