Westcott 5×7′ X-Drop Kit, Quarry

Best Westcott 5×7′ X-Drop Kit, Quarry

  • Telescopic arms and legs make it easy to set up and tear down
  • The included expandable carrying case holds the X-Drop System and up to three backdrops
  • The 100% polyester fabric is easy to use, hangs tautly and is wrinkle-resistant
  • Fabric is machine washable in cold water – tumble dry “low”
  • Grommets on top and bottom make for rapid hanging and eliminate the need for worrying about orientation

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The Westcott 5×7′ quarry X-Drop Background System is a lightweight package that is perfect for travel. At a little over 5 lbs, this kit can be used for headshots, product photography, weddings or general commercial photography in the studio or on location. The 100% polyester fabric comes with grommet holes on the top and bottom for easy hanging and that also eliminates the need to establish a top or bottom orientation. When it gets dirty, it’s readily machine washable in cold water and tumble dried on “low.”The background support system is characterized by quick setup and tear down capability. It is lightweight and contains telescopic legs and arms that will hold the fabric taut. The expandable carrying case is capable of holding the X-Drop System as well as up to three backdrops.

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Westcott 5×7′ X-Drop Kit, Quarry